Commercial Gas Connections

Procuring a gas connection can be a frustrating experience, involving a plethora of organisations across the industry.

Pipework Supply and Installation

Installation pipework (any pipes and pipe fittings downstream of the meter installation outlet valve) is owned and operated by the end user.

Gas Meter Supply and Installation

Your new service will, of course, require a meter. CGSL can provide any size of meter amd ensure that it is installed as part of the siteworks project.

Gas Disconnections and Isolations

Before a development can go ahead it will be necessary for all existing live gas services to be disconnected and decommissioned, and any existing meter must be removed.

Gas Consultancy and Advice

Need advice on meter positions, load requirements, pressure levels or any other details of your gas requirements?

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About CGSL

Commercial Gas Solutions Ltd (CGSL) is a new company offering a full gas connection service to both new developments and existing premises from a single point of contact.

Our small friendly team will bring many years of experience to assist you through the complexities of obtaining a gas connection and meter and provide many other related services, including advice and assistance in the provision of gas supply contracts. READ MORE

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