New and Upgrade Commercial Connections


Procuring a gas connection can be a frustrating experience, involving a plethora of organisations across the industry. CGSL can solve the puzzle by providing a full service which undertakes all aspects of the provision of a new gas connection, relieving the client of the time of managing the connection and allowing you to get on with your core activities.

We are able to:

  • Provide new gas connections to the local Gas Transport's network or, if appropriate, arrange adoption of the connection by an Independant Gas Transporter.
  • Upgrade existing gas connections, to provide greater energy capacity.
  • Alter existing gas services and meter positions.
  • These services are offered to developers, gas suppliers, consultants, architects, purchasing organisations, new end users and existing commercial gas consumers.

CGSL undertake and supervise all aspects of the work including

  • Design and design approval.
  • Site meetings to discuss practical problems
  • Installation works including any works in the highway
  • Testing
  • Final connection, testing and commissioning
  • Adoption of the new (or altered) connection by the relevant Gas Transporter.

We provide prompt quotations and a single point of contact for the client, and can fit the meter as part of our works - see the metering section.

Contact us for advice on any aspect of these services or complete and send the Siteworks Application Form.

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