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Procuring a gas connection can be a frustrating experience, involving a plethora of organisations across the industry. CGSL can solve the puzzle by providing a full service which undertakes all aspects of the provision of a new gas connection, relieving the client of the time of managing the connection and allowing you to get on with your core activities.

We are able to:

  • Provide new gas connections to the local Gas Transport's network or, if appropriate, arrange adoption of the connection by an Independant Gas Transporter.
  • Upgrade existing gas connections, to provide greater energy capacity.
  • Alter existing gas services and meter positions.
  • These services are offered to developers, gas suppliers, consultants, architects, purchasing organisations, new end users and existing commercial gas consumers.

CGSL undertake and supervise all aspects of the work including

  • Design and design approval.
  • Site meetings to discuss practical problems
  • Installation works including any works in the highway
  • Testing
  • Final connection, testing and commissioning
  • Adoption of the new (or altered) connection by the relevant Gas Transporter.

We provide prompt quotations and a single point of contact for the client, and can fit the meter as part of our works - see the metering section.

Contact us for advice on any aspect of these services or complete and send the Siteworks Application Form.


Do you need advice on meter positions, load requirements, pressure levels or any other details of your gas requirements? CGSL are happy to visit your site or your offices to discuss your requirements. We also offer a specialist independent  consultancy service on all aspects of the construction and operation  of gas networks including:

  • Design and pipe sizing
  • Regulatory  matters including the preparation of Safety Cases
  • Auditing of the operation of privately operated networks
  • Feasibility studies to assist project planning at an early stage
  • Advice on the provision of a gas supply contract you will require before a meter can be fitted.

Contact CGSL to for further information and advice.

sYellow-Pipe-Shot-Low-resInstallation pipework (any pipes and pipe fittings downstream of the meter installation outlet valve) is owned and operated by the end user. It is therefore important that installation pipework is installed, tested and commissioned to appropriate standards.CGSL are able to:

  • Design installation pipe networks.
  • Install and commission both above ground and below ground installation pipework networks.
  • Carry out inspection and network analysis of existing pipe networks to confirm that they are fit for purpose.
  • Provide advice regarding the legal status of installation pipework networks and assist with the provision of a Safety Case if appropriate.

Contact CGSL for further assistance.


Before building work can go ahead on a redevelopment it will be necessary for all existing live gas services to be disconnected and decommissioned, and any existing meter must be removed.

We can remove the meter(s) and then carry the service disconnections as part of our siteworks package. however, please note that gas services can only be disconnected after any existing gas meters have been removed. 

Contact CGSL to obtain advice or arrange a service disconnection or complete the Siteworks Application Form.


CGSL are both a Meter Asset Provider (MAP) and a Meter Asset Manager (MAM). We can provide any size of meter either as part of a siteworks (connection) project or install a meter on an existing service or service installed by others. The client has only one point of contact for all aspects of the meter installation. All of the meters we install have outputs suitable for the installation's building management and remote reading facilities.

Please note that a gas supply contract must be in place before a meter can be installed and commissioned. We are able to assist with the negotiation of your gas supply contract to ensure that the best gas price is obtained for your business.

Contact CGSL to obtain advice or arrange a meter installation or complete the Meter Installation Application Form.

Need some advice? Call us on (01234) 342386